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Having a baby and need some advice?

Have you already had one and it’s not going like you imagined?
Are you looking for ways to bond with bub? Ready to feel empowered?
Or just need some reassurance that you’re doing it right?

You are not alone.

Little Maia wellness is a one-stop hub for all things mum and bub wellness. With a clinic in Armidale or consults online, we can support you to get where you need.

From Pregnancy through Birth and Babies, have a look at the services we offer or drop us a  message and we’ll see what we can do. Breastfeeding education, assessment and support,  Hypnobirthing Australia courses, immunisation consultations, Baby massage classes and more…

It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of information these days. You don’t know what to believe, which side of the fence you sit on when they both make sense. It’s  overwhelming and here’s a secret – you’re not meant to know all this stuff, you’re meant to be taught! In times past, we would be taught by our mothers and grandmothers. We would learn by watching how our siblings were treated, how we were treated. But somewhere along those generations, we forgot. Forgot to teach our children what to do, how to cope, that its’s ok to not be ok. Little Maia Wellness is here to teach  you what you yearn for. Not what to do but the education, tools and clarity to make the choices  confidently, for yourself. An empowered mumma raising resilient children.

Mums, Families. Partners, Dads, Non-Binary parenting? Concerned family or friend of a single mum? Have a look around. When you join the safe space at Little Maia Wellness you join a  community and tribe that is so often missing but deeply longed for. Little Maia Wellness is all  about families. However those families are made and whoever makes them up, Little Maia  Wellness is the family you choose to be a part of.

How we can help

Little Maia Wellness is about ensuring people’s journey through parenting is blissed out and  supported so that babies can grow and flourish into beautiful, independent thinking, kind and  brave individuals who will be empowered to go out and be the change they want to see in the  world.


A place to go for validation and support in doing whats right for you. Belle is a registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Board as a Registered Nurse and is fully insured and certified in all areas of advice and expertise. Opening into the online forum allows connection and the development of a therapeutic relationship with someone experienced and empathetic in the health field.


Our free facebook group will support you with a community of like minded individuals, with regular information sessions and communication from nurses, midwives, doulas and childbirth educators on all things baby. As well as peer support in a sister circle environment you will feel connected and informed as you progress through your parenting journey.


By providing you with the tools to make your own decisions, you will be empowered to continue on your parenting journey confidently and calmly. Taking challenges in your stride you will feel in control and able to manage any bumps in the road you face.

Our packages

We offer complete one-click easy tailored packages, personalised packages, 1:1 sessions, group training, zoom or face-to-face. E-courses and online education packages. Whatever you need we can provide it for you.

You have enough on your mind during these tough times, when you’re  overworked and strung-out, so let us help take some of that weight from your shoulders.

Find out more

Little Maia Wellness was started by Belle Nicholas an Australian Registered Nurse with almost 2 decades of  experience in Special Care Nursery, Emergency, Intensive Care, Paediatrics, Primary Care, Lactation Support and Child Health. If you’ve  been disappointed with health care providers in the past you’re not alone and it was actually Belle’s personal experience with how traumatising the current health care systems can be  when she birthed her first baby, Maya, that propelled her to create Little Maia Wellness. She is  now proud and excited to bring her expertise and empathetic manner straight to you, not bound  by policies, procedures and red tape of employment in the health care systems.

We might not know everything, we don’t pretend to (HINT: Don’t trust anyone that promises they  do) but we’ll definitely be able to help steer you in the right direction. Belle has been nursing since she was 17 years old, it’s all she’s ever known and the only thing she knows for sure is that  learning is infinite and you don’t know what you don’t know.

So drop by to find things out that you might not know : )

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