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Oh the tragedy…To wean or not to wean, that is the question.

by LittleMaia
I'm tired

Hey Mumma… How you been? Tired? I bet! And I’m sure this lockdown and ensuing anxieties doesn’t make it easier. You’re doing a great job!! You won’t always be tired all the time I promise. Maybe most of the time though – I can’t promise more than that 🙂

Y’know, you mentioned the other day you were thinking maybe you weren’t cut out for breastfeeding, that it’s harder than you thought. That you were thinking of switching to formula, do you actually want to stop breastfeeding or are you just really f*cking tired today?  It’s ok to want to formula top up because you’re sick of having your nipples sucked for 3 hrs… it doesn’t mean you have failed at ‘exclusive breastfeeding…’ or will wean… or even want to wean. You might need a little advice on how to support your supply, maybe, or maybe it’s nothing to do with milk or hunger at all but IT’S ALL OK! An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is an advanced trained health professional to provide care and support for all things breast feeding related.

Don’t be afraid of saying it, like you’ve done something wrong or caused your baby harm… only 50mls a day of breastmilk still gives babies antibody protection so yeah, any breast milk is good for baby if its good for you. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  “The natural weaning process begins once your baby starts to have anything other than breastmilk.” Okay, but not ACTUALLY REALLY TRULY FOR REAL weaning though! And breasts aren’t the precious little flowers they’re made out to be, those puppies are fierce. If your supply drops a little YOU CAN GET IT BACK! IBCLC – Lactation Consultants are there for you, for your boobs and bub. You don’t have to give up altogether.

If you have some extra milk stashed in the freezer, this is a good time to use it. And go and have a nap. Don’t worry… your baby will more than likely be completely fine going between a boob and bottle and not get confused at all by those suckers. Things can go awry, but probably won’t. If they do, remember the IBCLC?

Belle x

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