Welcome to Little Maia Wellness!

Connection, Community and Empowerment is what Little Maia Wellness is all about.

Hi there, thanks for dropping by!! My name is Belle Nicholas, I am mother to two sassy, independent little girls and I’ve been a Registered Nurse for two decades, helping mums like you with all their breastfeeding and child related issues. 

Little Maia Wellness is here because I’m showing up to do my work for others. 

Nursing is about caring and I’ve been a carer for as long as I could walk and talk, younger siblings, any stray animal or bird that fell from its nest. I’ve worked  practically everywhere, Special Care Nursery, Emergency, Intensive Care, but throughout my nursing career I’m continuously drawn back into working with mothers and babies. I feel as though these are the roots to society… to humanity. If children feel secure, they can grow into more well-adjusted adults (…and we could all use more of  those around!) If the mother feels secure, and she is the one who literally  pours her lifeblood into growing a tiny human, then she will be more able to nurture security in her offspring. And with security comes kindness, generosity of spirit and  connection.

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

–  Rajneesh

I developed this service to provide families, mothers, YOU, with the knowledge and tools to travel the path of parenthood in whichever way you choose. This is your family’s  journey and I am here to hold your hand as you navigate the often tricky path. You’re no longer alone, even if you feel it. We were not meant to raise families by ourselves and so many women feel disconnected and alone in this parenting journey. So I am here, now, showing up for you. As a sounding board, as someone to bounce questions off or get advice from. Whether it’s breast feeding or how-to-wean… or you want to immunise but you’re scared. I sit in the middle  with an open-mind and a non-judgemental attitude, in a holistic balanced way to  empower YOU to make your choices with a clear head and open heart. 

Because of my medical background I have a deep-seated base in evidence-based practice but believe it should always be patient centred and individualised. I understand that medicine and current modalities of ‘health care’ are pathologically driven – that is, they treat problems after they arise. I truly believe that if we  nurture connection to ourselves and our inner power, we can avoid getting into many traps of dis-ease in the first place.

My ideals and beliefs are essential to who I am, I would never rob others of their ideals and beliefs no matter how drastically they differ from my own. I support the rights of others to live and choose as they wish just as passionately as I defend my own choices. 

Here’s to so many healthy and positive experiences for YOU, special mama. I am holding  space for you and I am privileged to join you on your journey. 

Belle x